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The Lewis Land Group is a privately held Australian company. Founded by Bernard Lewis in 1957, the company has an unmatched wealth of expertise in waterfront residential development. 

Developing over 10,000 residential allotments in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, The Lewis Land Group has made a considerable impression on the northern end of the Gold Coast.

In the 70s and 80s their Gold Coast projects included the waterfront suburbs of Paradise Point Keys, Huntington Harbour, The Runaway Islands, Key Biscayne, Grand Canal and Bayview Anchorage.  

More recent years have seen the development of Sovereign and Ephraim Islands, plus diversification into the retail, hospitality and leisure, and commercial sectors.

With such a diverse range of product, The Lewis Land Group are proud to acknowledge their successes as a team effort. Their in-house departments are responsible for: sales, marketing, leasing, shopping centre management, hotel management, legal, approvals, subdivisional project management, urban design and finance.

With a significant residential and mixed-use land bank, The Lewis Land Group is looking toward the future with a view to diversify into other areas of property investment.


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